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Interesting Tax Updates

Below are some quick summaries and links for more information.  Check them out

1.  Energy Credits.  They are expanded.   Electric Car, Insulation, New Windows, Doors, Solar Panels, etc.   Need to know what you spend on the item (not installation of it).
 Click Here 

2.  1099-K Venmo.  They are PAUSED AGAIN.   After the postcard was printed and then they paused it for another year.  AND they also raised it from $600 to $5,000 per year.    Click Here

3.  ANGEL Scholarship (or not related to catholic church). If you are interested in doing this before 12/31 please contact me.  Its a good way to help students but it may not apply to you if you dont have Ohio tax.  So call me before you do this  Click Here

4.  Sports Betting.  With the start of online betting there are alot of questions.   If you get a W-2G by 1/31/24 (like you do if you win the Ohio Lottery) you will have to report it.   But will you get one if you bet small amounts?   Here is a guide. Click Here
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